Our Story

Born in the French Riviera

The heritage from the early years at the French Riviera and the ultimate expression of luxury that attracted the Dunford family can today be revived in all our products. The style of the stars and their luxurious lifestyle live on in our iconic sunglasses

The Dunfords laid a luxurious foundation for the French Riviera – its glitz, glamour, fashion brave design and yachts made it the place for the ultimate expression of luxury. The A-list clientele followed in the Dunfords footsteps and during the 50's and 60's the French Riviera was the place to be. It soon became a backdrop for anything that was fun and exciting during the era. The Riviera’s allure is still strong; its glittering coastline is now filled with superyachts, and it continues to be a playground for the rich and famous A-list personalities with love for design and fashion.

St. Tropez during the 1950 s was where the Dunford family with Daniel Dunford built their famous and never to be forgotten societe. The Dunfords built their empire from their famous airline company that was sold to a price tag that still today a well kept secret. All that is known about the purchase is that the life of the Dunfords was forever to be changed for the sunny side of life at the French Riviera. Certainly, there has never been any place on earth quite like the French Riviera. With its mix of artists and writers from all over the world The French Riviera was synonymous with stars and style and the appearances of superstars like Picasso, Man Ray, Stravinsky, Coco Chanel and Hemingway made way for a new invention of life during its early years that made it iconic.